WoodworkTableAccessor.set_types(logical_types=None, semantic_tags=None, retain_index_tags=True, null_invalid_values=False)[source]#

Update the logical type and semantic tags for any columns names in the provided types dictionaries, updating the Woodwork typing information for the DataFrame.

  • logical_types (Dict[str -> str], optional) – A dictionary defining the new logical types for the specified columns.

  • semantic_tags (Dict[str -> str/list/set], optional) – A dictionary defining the new semantic_tags for the specified columns.

  • retain_index_tags (bool, optional) – If True, will retain any index or time_index semantic tags set on the column. If False, will replace all semantic tags any time a column’s semantic tags or logical type changes. Defaults to True.

  • null_invalid_values (bool, optional) – If True, replaces any invalid values with null. Defaults to False.