woodwork.accessor_utils.init_series(series, logical_type=None, semantic_tags=None, use_standard_tags=True, null_invalid_values=False, description=None, origin=None, metadata=None)[source]#

Initializes Woodwork typing information for a series, numpy.ndarray or pd.api.extensions. ExtensionArray, returning a new Series. The dtype of the returned series will be converted to match the dtype associated with the LogicalType.

  • series (pd.Series, dd.Series, ps.Series, numpy.ndarray or pd.api.extensions.ExtensionArray) – The original series from which to create the Woodwork initialized series.

  • logical_type (LogicalType or str, optional) – The logical type that should be assigned to the series. If no value is provided, the LogicalType for the series will be inferred.

  • semantic_tags (str or list or set, optional) – Semantic tags to assign to the series. Defaults to an empty set if not specified. There are two options for specifying the semantic tags: (str) If only one semantic tag is being set, a single string can be passed. (list or set) If multiple tags are being set, a list or set of strings can be passed.

  • use_standard_tags (bool, optional) – If True, will add standard semantic tags to the series based on the inferred or specified logical type of the series. Defaults to True.

  • description (str, optional) – Optional text describing the contents of the series.

  • origin (str, optional) – Optional text specifying origin of the column (i.e. “base” or “engineered”).

  • metadata (dict[str -> json serializable], optional) – Metadata associated with the series.

  • null_invalid_values (bool, optional) – If True, replaces any invalid values with null. Defaults to False.


A series with Woodwork typing information initialized

Return type: