WoodworkTableAccessor.describe(include=None, callback=None)[source]

Calculates statistics for data contained in the DataFrame.

  • include (list[str or LogicalType], optional) – filter for what columns to include in the statistics returned. Can be a list of column names, semantic tags, logical types, or a list combining any of the three. It follows the most broad specification. Favors logical types then semantic tag then column name. If no matching columns are found, an empty DataFrame will be returned.

  • callback (callable, optional) –

    function to be called with incremental updates. Has the following parameters:

    • update: percentage change (float between 0 and 100) in progress since last call

    • progress_percent: percentage (float between 0 and 100) of total computation completed

    • time_elapsed: total time in seconds that has elapsed since start of call


A Dataframe containing statistics for the data or the subset of the original DataFrame that contains the logical types, semantic tags, or column names specified in include.

Return type